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Byron P. Alvarado, MBA

Byron P. Alvarado, MBA

Senior Financial & Insurance Strategist

I was born in New York City, the son of Jose & Piedad, who immigrated from Ecuador, and brother to Jeanette. A few years later my family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I lived for many years. In 1996, I moved to Los Angeles CA. 

I love helping people and have a soft spot in my heart for animals, especially dogs. I dream of using my home to foster dogs and provide them with a safe place to find homes. I also love to travel and make friendships with people worldwide. My passion for helping was a major factor in the happy accident that drew me into the financial industry in the first place.

My role at The Strategy Partners is to grow my existing clientele as well as train new agents in our planning process. Doing joint work is a key and how I bring my experience and knowledge to our planning process, while the agent learns and expands their knowledge. This key decision ultimately gives clients expanded resources than just one agent. This helps build trust and grows the relationship with our clients.

I began my academic career attending the University of Arizona, where I earned my undergrad degree in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, I moved to California and worked for The Boeing Company on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Program as a systems & development engineer. While working full-time, I attended the prestigious Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management program, where I obtained my MBA degree.

After 8 years in engineering, I decided to change careers in 2004 and entered the financial service industry so that I could help people and impact their lives for the better. I joined The Strategy Partners as Vice President and Financial Advisor so that I can build those relationships with people and help guide them on their financial journey. I use my engineering skills today by implementing the methodical and redundancy.

Finally, I am taking on new clients in my practice. I believe there must be a good fit from the client's perspective as well as the advisor. Therefore, I am particular who I take on as a new clients. A perfect client for me, is a client who is truly seek to improve and maintain their standard of living for themselves and their family and have the financial ware to do address the financial areas that are important to them.

My main strength is combining financial decisions and comparing different strategies to find the most optimal outcome that addresses the clients wants and concerns. 

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Life and Health insurance licensed in CA (Insurance License #0E77552), AZ, NV, FL, ID.